Core tasks


Core tasks

Based on the self-developed servo control system with precision force control as the core, DH-Robotics provides customers in various industries around the world with a variety of intelligent grasping products, which are well adapted to various scenarios such as detection, sorting, handling, and assembly, it provides higher accuracy, better usability and stronger stability for intelligent manufacturing capabilities .

VR glasses lens inspection

In this application, the lens was gripped for surface inspection and to scan the QR code. Compared to the suction cup solution with pneumatic gripper for picking&placing which is easy to cause the damage on the lens, our PGE-5-26 electric gripper with precise force control will protect the lens and also able to grip lens with different size.

Application Products

Reagent card positioning, grabbing and testing

The PGE series of industrial slim-type parallel electric gripper was applied with automation modules to complete the repeated positioning, grasping and testing of reagent cards.

Application Products

Device console teleoperation

The AG-160-95 adaptive gripper was applied to complete the remote operation control of the equipment station with its precise positioning and force control.

Application Products

Test of car doors

In the reliability test of opening and closing car doors, The DH-3 electric gripper is used to replace a large number of scenes that require manual operation and precise force control

Task difficulty: precise force control, position control, position repeat accuracy

Application Products

Hold the paper cup to complete the coffee brewing

The AG-160-95 adaptive grippers was applied with a dual-arms collaborative robot to complete complex and precise actions such as holding paper cups, brewing coffee, and injecting milk.

Application Products

Ice cream making

In the new retail industry, the AG-160-95 adaptive gripper was applied to complete the production of ice cream cones.

Task difficulty: precise force control, position control, position repeatability, fast movement.

Application Products

Grab the headset to wipe the glue

After the wireless Bluetooth headset is assembled, the shell package will overflow glue, and the overflow glue will be erased by using the collaborative robot + six-dimensional force sensor.

The gripping force of the pneumatic gripper is unstable, which is easy to cause damage to the surface of the earphone. Therefore, our electric gripper with accurate force control is selected for earphone clamping.

Application Products

Chips Pick & Place

For chip handling on wafer sorters in the semiconductor industry, vacuum suction cups are traditionally used to pick &place chips. Due to insufficient vacuum of the suction cups, there is a risk of falling during handling, so the electric gripper of PGE-2-12 is applied in this application.

Advantages of the PGE series: It can achieve precise force control, high repeat position accuracy, and non-destructive grabbing of chips.

Application Products

Throat swab sampling robot

At present, various emergencies have higher requirements for nucleic acid testing organizations. Chinese Government recently notified the requirement to “ensure that all inspections should be completed within 2 days if the number of inspectors is less than 5 million, and all inspections should be completed within 3 days if the number of inspections is greater than 5 million.” This is undoubtedly a huge challenge in terms of speed and safety.

The throat swab sampling robot with DH-Robotics PGE series gripper can complete the sampling step independently without medical staff, and the results can be obtained in as fast as 45 minutes. According to the feedback from the subjects, the robot moves gently and has a good experience. It can be used as an aid to manual detection, improving detection efficiency and saving manpower.

Application Products

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