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The host computer debugging software was self-developed by DH-Robotics, it can help customers easily and quickly complete various function parameters adjustments, testing and initialization setting on the PC side. At the meaning time, various status information is provided in real time, which can save a lot of production line setup time and reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance for on-site engineers.

Parameters Adjustable

  • gripping force
  • fingertip position
  • gripping speed
  • rotation angle*
  • rotation speed*
  • rotation force(torque force)*

Real-time feedback

  • four gripping states
    ① movement status
    ② in place
    ③ clamp state
    ④ dropped state
  • location versus time graph
  • clamping current as a fuction of time

Example: DH-Robotics PC software

* Please consult sales person for specific applicable models

Software download

Software Download
DH Electric Gripper Debugging Software V3.3.1.7
Debugging Software Instructions for Use
DH-3 PC Host Computer Debugging Software
DH-3 Host Computer Debugging Software Instructions
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