RGD Series

Direct Drive Rotary Gripper

RGD Series

DH-ROBOTICS’ RGD series is direct drive rotaty gripper. Adopting direct-drive zero backlash rotation module, it improves rotation accuracy , thus it can be applied to scenarios such as high-precision positioning assembly, handling, correction and adjustment of 3C electronics and semiconductors.

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Product Features

Zero backlash l High repeatability

RGD series uses directly electric rotating machinery to achieve zero backlash,and rotaty resolution reaches 0.01° , which is suitable for the rotary positioning scenarios in semiconductor production.

Fast and Stable

With DH-Robotics' excellent drive control method, as well as precision direct drive technology, RGD series can control gripping and rotating movements perfectly. Rotation speed reaches 1500° per second.

Integrated structure l Power-off protection

The dual servo system for gripping and rotating is integrated with the drive control module, which is more compact and suitable for more scenarios. Brakes are optional for the needs of various applications.

More Features

  • Integrated design
  • Adjustable parameters
  • Intelligent feedback
  • Replaceable Fingertip
  • IP40
  • CE certification
  • FCC certification
  • RoHs certification

Product Parameters

Gripping force (per jaw)2-5.5 N2-5.5 N10-35 N10-35 N
Stroke14 mm     30 mm14 mm     30 mm
Rated torque0.1 N·m0.1 N·m0.1 N·m0.1 N·m
Peak torque0.25 N·m0.25 N·m0.25 N·m0.25 N·m
Rotary rangeInfinite rotatingInfinite rotatingInfinite rotatingInfinite rotating
Recommended workpiece weight0.05 kg0.05 kg0.35 kg0.35 kg
Max. rotation speed1500 deg/s1500 deg/s1500 deg/s1500 deg/s
Rotate the backlashZero backlashZero backlashZero backlashZero backlash
Repeat accuracy (swiveling)± 0.1 deg± 0.1 deg± 0.1 deg± 0.1 deg
Repeat accuracy (position)± 0.02 mm± 0.02 mm± 0.02 mm± 0.02 mm
Opening/Closing time0.5 s/0.5 s0.5 s/0.5 s0.5 s/0.5 s0.7 s/0.7 s
Weight0.86 kg (without brake)
0.88 kg (with brake)
1 kg (without brake)
1.02 kg (with brake)
0.86 kg (without brake)
0.88 kg (with brake)
1 kg (without brake)
1.02 kg (with brake)
Size149 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm149 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm159 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm159 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm
Communication interface
Modbus RTU (RS485)
Running sound< 60 dB
Rated voltage24 V DC ± 10%
Rated current1.2 A
Peak current2.5 A
IP classIP 40
Recommended environment0~40°C, under 85% RH




DH-Robotics Electric Gripper Maintenance Instructions

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RGD Series

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Servo Electric Gripper Catalog

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