PGE Series

Industrial Slim-type Electric Parallel Gripper

Products Description

PGE Series

The PGE series is an industrial slim-type electric parallel gripper. With its precise force control, compact size and highly working speed, it has become a “Hot sell product” in the field of industrial electric gripper.

Product Features

Small size | Flexible installation

The thinnest size is 18 mm with compact structure, supports at least five flexible installation methods to meet the needs of clamping tasks & saves design space.

High Working Speed

The fastest opening and closing time can reach 0.2 s / 0.2 s, which can meet the high-speed and stable clamping requirements of the production line.

Precise Force Control

With special driver design and driving algorithm compensation, the gripping force is continuously adjustable, and the force repeatability could reach 0.1 N

More Features

Product Parameters

 PGE-2-12 PGE-5-26PGE-8-14PGE-15-10PGE-15-26PGE-50-26
Gripping force (per jaw)0.8~2 N0.8~5 N2~8 N6~15 N6~15 N15~50 N
Stroke12 mm26 mm14 mm10 mm26 mm26 mm
Recommended workpiece weight0.05 kg0.1 kg0.1 kg0.25 kg0.25 kg1 kg
Opening/Closing time0.2 s/0.2 s0.2 s/0.2 s0.2 s/0.2 s0.25 s/0.25 s0.4 s/0.4 s0.3 s/0.3 s
Repeat accuracy (position)± 0.02 mm± 0.02 mm± 0.02 mm± 0.01 mm± 0.02 mm± 0.02 mm
Noise emission< 40 dB< 40 dB< 40 dB< 60 dB< 40 dB< 40 dB
Weight0.15 kg0.4 kg0.4 kg0.155 kg0.33 kg0.4 kg
Driving methodRack and pinion + Cross roller guideRack and pinion + Cross roller guideRack and pinion + Linear guidePrecision planetary reducer + Rack and pinionPrecision planetary reducer + Rack and pinionPrecision planetary reducer + Rack and pinion
Size65 mm x 39 mm x 18mm95 mm x 55 mm x 26 mm97 mm x 62 mm x 31 mm89 mm x 30 mm x 18 mm86.5 mm x 55 mm x 26 mm97 mm x 55 mm x 29 mm
Communication interfaceStandard: Modbus RTU (RS485), Digital I/O
Optional: TCP/IP, USB2.0, CAN2.0A, PROFINET, EtherCAT
Rated voltage24 V DC ± 10%24 V DC ± 10%24 V DC ± 10%24 V DC ± 10%24 V DC ± 10%24 V DC ± 10%
Rated current0.2 A0.4 A0.4 A0.1 A0.25 A0.25 A
Peak current0.5 A0.7 A0.7 A0.22 A0.5 A0.5 A
IP classIP 40IP 40IP 40IP 40IP 40IP 40
Recommended environment0~40°C, under 85% RH


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