VLA Series

Linear Coil Actuator

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VLA Series

The VLA series of linear coil actuators from DH-Robotics are compact and thin in design with precise linear motion and flexible pick and place with soft landing function, which are widely used in chip mounting, camera module assembly, lithium battery thickness measurement, touch panel inspection, keyboard and switch testing and other applicatio scenarios with high precision requirements.

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Product Features

Excellent force repeatability

The thrust repeatability accuracy of VLA series products is within ±3g, which meets the high force control precision production and assembly requirements of the semiconductor, opt-electronic and other industries

Lightweight and easy-to-use, parameters are adjustable

The product design is compact and thin, and has strong maneuverability. The speed, thrust and position parameters can be adjusted quickly and smoothly through software adjustment

High speed and high frequency, life time reach more than 100 million times

High response capability, high speed and high frequency, no-load up to 30Hz or more, service life hundreds of millions of times, stable and durable

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Product Parameters

(Magnetic encoder)
(Magnetic encoder)
(With vacuum)
(Oprical/Magnertic encoder)
(Magneric encoder)
(Oprical/Magnertic encoder)
Peak thrust4 N6 N6 N12 N11 N24 N30 N
Continuous thrust1.8 N3 N3 N4.8 N6 N12 N16 N
Recommended load≤50 g≤80 g≤80 g≤100 g≤150 g≤300 g
Total stroke20 mm15 mm15 mm10 mm25 mm25 mm
Force repeatability± 5 g± 3 g± 3 g± 3 g± 3 g± 3 g
Force constant1.8 N/A3 N/A3 N/A6.8 N/A5 N/A8 N/A
Linear stroke resolution1 μm1 μm1 μm0.5 μm(光编)
1 μm(磁编)
1 μm0.5 μm(magnetic grid encoder)
1 μm(Optical encoder)
Positioning repeatability±5 μm±5 μm±5 μm±2 μm(光编)
±5 μm(磁编)
±5 μm±5 μm
No-load frequency20 HzMore than 30HzMore than 30Hz18 HzMore than 30HzMore than 30Hz
Overall mass120 g190 g220 g304 g510 g860 g
Movable part mass30 g30 g30 g57 g54 g130 g
Size80 mm x 58 mm x 10 mm80 mm x 55 mm x 16 mm100 mm x 62 mm x 16 mm80 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm120 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm140 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm
Operating voltage24 V DC±10%24 V DC±10%24 V DC±10%24 V DC±10%24 V DC±10%24 V DC±10%48 V DC±10%
Continuous current1.0 A1.0 A1.0 A0.7 A1.2 A1.5 A2.0 A
Peak current2.2 A2.4 A2.4 A1.8 A2.2 A3.0 A4.0 A
IP ratingIP 40
Recommended operating environment0~40°C,85% RH 以下
International standard complianceCE,FCC,RoHS


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