DLSR Series

Direct Drive Linear Rotary Actuator

DLSR Series

The DLSR features both linear and rotational motion, with a repeatable force accuracy of 10g. It is suitable for applications in the assembly and fitting processes of 3C products, as well as for task such as antomated transplanting and handling.

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Product Features

Optimal Cost-Effectiveness

Designed for customers looking for a practical, reliable and affordable solution, the DLSR series utilizes quality components to provide consistent, reliable performance.

Linear & Rotary

Features precise linear and rotary action with adjustable speed, thrust, position, and rotation angle parameters.

High Production Pace

High response capability, high speed and high frequency, no-load up to 30Hz or more, service life hundreds of millions of times, stable and durable

Product Parameters

Peak thrust26 N
Continuous thrust8 N
Total stroke50 mm
Force repeatability±10 g
Force constant6.6 N/A
Maximum torque0.03 N·m
Maximum speed800 rpm
Linear stroke resolution0.5μm (Optical)
1 μm (Magnetic)
Positioning repeatability±2 μm (Optical)
±5 μm (Magnetic)
Rotary encoder resolution2000 lines
Overall mass1170 g
Movable part mass245 g
Size200 mm x 115 mm x 25 mm
Operating voltage24 V DC ±10%
Continuous current(Linear) 1.2 A
(Rotary) 0.8 A
Peak current(Linear) 4.0 A
(Rotary) 1.2 A
Recommended load≤150 g
IP rating20 g·cm²
Recommended operating environmentIP 40
International standard compliance0~40°C,85% RH 以下




Linear Coil Actuator Catalog

Date 2022-08-13

Linear Coil Actuator Series Drive User Guide

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DLSR Series

Format PDFDate 2023-11-16


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