VLAR Series

Voice coil Rotary Actuator

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VLAR Series

The VLAR series of voice coil linear rotaty actuators from DH-Robotics are compact and thin in design, with a hollow axis design. Their unique Z-axis linear and rotary motion, with soft landing function at the same time as high speed motion, achieve flexible pick and place, and can adapt to richer industrial scenarios, such as rapid pick and place, assembly, testing, positioning, deflection correction, etc. in semiconductor, 3C electronics, medical, packaging and other automation industries. applications.

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Product Features

High-performance linear rotary motion | adjustable parameters

The VLAR Series rotary actuator could provide precise Z-axis linear and rotational motions during high-speed motions. The speed, thrust, and position parameters are adjustable, which can achieve complex motions that require high-frequency and high-precision.

Hollow shaft | soft landing | power failure protection

The VLAR Series rotary actuator is compact, light and thin. With the hollow shaft design, it support pick and place tasks. The intelligent soft landing function relies on precision force control to protect the pick and place work-pieces. The Z-axis has a built-in spring to prevent the axis from powering down during vertical operation.

High-precision resolution | lifetime could reach more than hundreds of millions times

Regarding this product, the stroke resolution is up to 0.5 μm, the rotary position resolution is 0.005°, and the thrust repeatability is within ±3 g. With high-quality guide rail-levelrelated components, it has a service life of up to 100 million cycles, and it is stable and durable.

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Product Parameters

(Magnetic encoder)
(Optical encoder)
(Magnetic encoder
Optical encoder)
(Magnetic grid encoder)
Peak thrust16.5 N16.5 N16 N15 N
Continuous thrust8 N8 N8 N8 N
Total stroke15 mm15 mm25 mm25 mm
Force repeatability±3 g±3 g±3 g±5 g
Force constant6.7 N/A6.7 N/A6.5 N/A6.67 N/A
Maximum torque0.04 N·m0.04 N·m0.056 N·m0.072 N·m
Maximum speed2000 rpm2000 rpm2000 rpm2000 rpm
Linear stroke resolution1 μm0.5 μm 1 μm(Magnetic)
1 μm
Positioning repeatability±5 μm±2 μm 5 μm(Magnetic)
2 μm(Optical)
±5 μm
Rotary encoder resolution0.02°0.005°0.02° (Magnetic)
0.05° (Optical)
Overall mass555 g650 g697 g1020 g
Movable part mass144 g156 g166 g280 g
Size140 mm x 80 mm x 20 mm160 mm x 83 mm x 20 mm165 mm x 83 mm x 20 mm180 mm × 100 mm × 25 mm
Operating voltage24 V DC ±10%24 V DC ±10%24 V DC ±10%24 V DC ±10%
Continuous current(Linear)1.2 A
(Rotary)0.6 A
(Linear)1.2 A
(Rotary)0.6 A
(Linear)1.2 A
(Rotary)0.6 A
(Linear)1.2 A
(Rotary)1 A
Peak current(Linear)2.5 A
(Rotary)2.5 A
(Linear)2.5 A
(Rotary)2.5 A
(Linear)2.5 A
(Rotary)2.5 A
(Linear)2.2 A
(Rotary)2.5 A
IP ratingIP 40
Recommended operating environment0~40°C,<85% RH
International standard complianceCE,FCC,RoHS


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