DH-Robotics First Launched high-precision “zero backlash” rotary Electric Gripper breaks the product application boundary

With product components of 3C electronics, semiconductors and other precision industries tend to be miniaturized, it is increasingly impossible to use manual inspection in the assembly process of components, and automatic detection equipment must be used. However, the traditional 3C industry mostly uses a complete set of “servo system + visual identification” turning and correcting equipment, which has a complex structure and high cost. In some precision production lines, due to the workpiece fetching and detection can not be synchronized, production is too late caused by the subsection supply discontinuity and other problems, these are not conducive to the sound development of enterprise precision production.

Based on the market demand, DH-Robotics has launched the RGD series of direct-drive rotary electric gripper. There are four products in this series, which follow the first structure design of the dual-servo rotary electric gripper, gripping and rotating are integrated of DH-Robotics. One gripper can complete two tasks at the same time.

RGD series rotary electric gripper is more compact in size, with zero backlash, precise positioning, low operating noise, fast response, excellent multi-axis synchronization and other core advantages. It has realized the effective replacement of the original “servo system + sensor” turn -over and correction equipment of a complete set of equipment, its rotary positioning accuracy is more exactly, and truly achieve cost reduction for customers. Improve the production tempo.

The difficulty of the zero backlash solution is to master the comprehensive motor drive software control technology, and to achieve a high degree of integration between high performance motor drive software and compact hardware module design. Based on years of technical accumulation and continuous investment in R&D, the technical team of DH-Robotics has built the underlying technical barriers of hardware and software, and has mastered the software control technology solutions of direct drive and non-direct drive, climbing to new heights of technology!

Up to now, there is no other product on the market which can achieve “zero backlash” with the same rotary grippers. DH-Robotics bold innovation has also been well received by the market and customers. RGD direct drive rotary electric gripper series can be applied to 3C electronics, semiconductor, new energy industry for high-precision positioning assembly, handling, turning and deflection and other application scenarios.

Product Advantage

RGD series adopts direct drive rotary motor to achieve zero rotational backlash, rotary resolution up to 0.01°, rotary repeatability up to ±0.1°, gripping position repeatability up to ±0.02 mm, which can be applied to 3C electronics, semiconductor, new energy production with high precision requirements for flipping, positioning correction and other applications.

2.High dynamic response and smoothly accomplish the dual task of clamping and rotation

RGD series breakthrough omits the gear structure of the rotary reducer, with self-developed precision direct drive technology, supplemented by excellent drive control technology, to achieve high dynamic response, and can achieve infinite rotation at high speed, the rotation speed of up to 1500°/s. Relying on accurate force control and position control, RGD series grippers can more stable to complete the dual task of clamping and rotation, to achieve a gripper multi-use.

3.Compact size, integrated dual servo system
RGD series creatively integrates the dual servo system of gripping and rotating with the drive control module, which is more compact than the mechanical equipment built by customers. After cutting off the power, the RGD product can still maintain a solid gripping state.

Product parameter

*For specific product selection and related information, please consult DH-Robotics technical sales and confirm the application and process.

Application Examples

DH-Robotics has launched the RGD series of direct drive rotary electric grippers to achieve multiple use of one gripper in high precision requirement scenarios, effectively saving cost for customers. At the same time, this series can be equipped with optional holding brake and quick-change fingertip replacement modules to meet diverse needs in various industrial manufacturing applications. Upon request, DH-Robotics can also customize precision motion solutions for your application.


Positioning assembly

The RGD’s position, speed, thrust controllable, flexible installation and convenient control, in the production line, through the use of RGD direct drive rotary electric claw, can be different shapes, sizes of workpiece positioning gripping, and according to the specified position, forward / reverse rotation alignment assembly, can effectively replace the traditional “servo motor + sensor It can effectively replace the traditional “servo motor + sensor” solution, save customer cost, and meet the assembly needs of high precision rotary positioning in 3C, semiconductor, new energy and other industries.


The RGD direct drive rotary electric gripper adopts “clamping + flipping” integrated design, with precision force control, can achieve stable gripping of small, fragile workpieces, with vision to complete the task of workpiece flipping and correction of deflection. For example, in the application of lens correction, The RGD can grip the lens firmly, and after completing 180° flip at the fixed point, restore the point accurately, and carry out the correction of optical lens inspection, etc. With fast response speed, it can guarantee the stability of production line processing with high precision and stability.

At present, with its excellent and stable performance, DH-Robotics’ RGD series has been applied to a large number of applications in semiconductor, 3C electronics, new energy and other fields, laying the foundation for customers’ automation and intelligent production.

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