Here comes the representative of domestic core components! DH-Robotics at the 2022 World Robot Conference

August 18-21, 2022, the 2022 World Robot Conference officially kicked off in Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center. DH-Robotics will participate in the Fair as representatives of enterprises with domestic core components of robots to display the latest technological products and development achievements of DH-Robotics in the international market.

As the pioneer of domestic electric claw market, DH-Robotics team has been in the industry for many years, based on the rich domestic industrial manufacturing scene, independently developed the industry leading direct drive force feedback technology, precision control technology, integration technology, and to adapt to different industry scenes and requirements, DH-Robotics has launched eight series of dozens of electric claw products, with the most abundant and complete product line in the industry, fully meeting the flexible, electric and intelligent requirements in advanced manufacturing and lean production, improving the safety and investment efficiency of the grasping process for users.

Based on the accumulation of technology, DH-Robotics products have formed a unique product characteristics of “precision, intelligence, flexibility, easy-to-use” as the core of the unique product characteristics, such as small size, good dynamic performance, simple structure, easy operation, long working life, accurate speed control, smooth and quiet, real-time feedback, etc., well adapted to industrial manufacturing scenarios with high requirements for size, precision and performance. In addition, DH-Robotics products support a wide range of major communications protocols, providing customers with both ease of use and reliability of the product experience.

In recent years, driven by market demand, technological breakthroughs and national policy support, China’s robot industry has achieved steady development. However, in the upstream core parts of robots, the long-term reliance on imports of core parts such as reducers, servo systems, controllers, etc., once became the “tiger on the road” of the rapid development of domestic robots.

European and American manufacturers, Japanese and Korean manufacturers, etc., by virtue of their deep accumulation in the field of robot core technology, occupy the vast majority of China’s industrial robot market. With the key support of national policy in recent years, China’s high-tech industry is booming, more and more domestic manufacturers begin to pay attention to the localized replacement of core parts. Among them, DH-Robotics, which is deep in the field of core components, has been increasing the investment and research of core components, carrying out strict management of product supply chain, realizing the localization of products and satisfying the needs of more industries.

Actuator “Electric for Pneumatic” is the Irresistible Trend

As one of the key components of a robot, the end effector of the gripper directly determines the quality and efficiency of the robot. The flexibility and reliability of the actuator create more competitiveness and value for the application of the robot.

For a long time in the past, pneumatic gripper has occupied the mainstream market of industrial automation for a long time, the field was born such as SMC, SCHUNK, Parker, Norgren and many other international giant manufacturers. Pneumatic gripper was once considered as an unchangeable product form, but in recent years, it has been challenged by the highly integrated design of electric gripper.

Compared with the pneumatic gripper, the electric gripper has the characteristics of high standardization, plug and play, convenient maintenance, high precision, fast response, precision force control, multi-process operation ability in narrow space, and quiet operation, in addition, the electric gripper can realize digital operation, its gripping force and gripping stroke are adjustable, can realize multi-machine control synchronized operation, with the intelligent feedback function of grasping information, more in line with the current intelligent and flexible production requirements.

As the relevant technology continues to mature, the replacement of the pneumatic gripper market with the electric gripper both at home and abroad is gradually speeding up. In particular, domestic manufacturers are expected to advance the market by virtue of their advantages such as quick response to market demand, high performance-price ratio and timely service.

DH-Robotics Strives to Be a Leader in Intelligent Sports

Currently, DH-Robotics products have been sold to nearly 30 countries and regions in the world, and more than 500 customers worldwide are using DH-Robotics products, which are applied in many industries such as 3C electronics, semi-conductor, medical automation, auto parts, new energy, precision processing and assembly, and panels. The number of customers includes Foxconn, BYD, Luxshare Precision, Minray Medical, Lens Technology, Bosch, etc., and the number of customers continues to grow rapidly.

DH-Robotics will continue to pursue the refinement of technology, product iteration, service optimization, committed to excellent products with high quality and low price, in the process of continuously contributing to the development of intelligent manufacturing, to become the leader in the field of intelligent movement.

From August 18 to 21, 2022, DH-Robotics welcomes friends from the industry to Booth 106, Hall A, Robot Expo 2022, and visit the latest products and applications of DH-Robotics.

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