LCE Series

Linear Electric Cylinder

LCE Series

With the same load and speed, DH-Robotics’ LCE modules are 20% less wide than conventional modules on the market through design optimization; among them, LCE-4C can reach a wide size of 35mm through self-developed motor technology, and the extremely narrow size gives LCE modules another more flexible layout in industrial sites.

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Product Features

Heavy Load

Highly rigid structural design with a maximum load of 55kg.

Long Stroke

Maximum stroke up to 800mm

Multiple Exercise Modes

Position, speed and thrust parameters are adjustable to realize the functions of pushing, pulling, pressing and positioning.

Product Parameters

Width35 mm45 mm65 mm
Total Stroke100-500 mm(50mm Pitch)100-800mm(50mm Pitch)100-800mm(50mm Pitch)
Screw2 mm5 mm10 mm5 mm10 mm20 mm5 mm10 mm16 mm20 mm
Rated Thrust125 N50 N25 N 320 N160 N 80 N680 N 340 N210 N170 N
Min. Thrust37.5 N15 N7.5 N96N 48 N24 N204 N102 N63 N51 N
Max. Speed100 mm/s250 mm/s500 mm/s250 mm/s500 mm/s1000 mm/s250 mm/s500 mm/s800 mm/s1000 mm/s
Max. Acceleration5000 mm/s²5000 mm/s²5000 mm/s²5000 mm/s²5000 mm/s²5000 mm/s²5000 mm/s²5000 mm/s²5000 mm/s²5000 mm/s²
Max. Weight Capacity
15 kg15 kg12 kg35 kg25 kg15 kg55 kg50 kg45 kg35 kg
Max. Weight Capacity
6 kg3 kg1.5 kg10 kg5 kg2.5 kg25 kg15 kg8 kg6 kg
Positional Repeatability±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm
Idle Stroke<0.1mm<0.1mm<0.1mm
Communication InterfaceExternal: Depending on the selected controllerStandard: Modbus RTU(RS485),Digtal I/O
Option: EtherCAT
Standard: Modbus RTU(RS485),Digtal I/O
Option: EtherCAT
Adaptable DriverSAC SeriesAdapt to other diversAdapt to other divers
Rated Voltage24 V DC ±10%24 V DC ±10%24 V DC ±10%
Rated Power36W100 W200 W
Allowable load moment-Mx36.4N·m78.6 N·m290 N·m
Allowable load moment-My42.3N·m91.0 N·m290 N·m
Allowable load moment-Mz14.33N·m31.5 N·m176 N·m
IP RatingIP40IP40IP40
Recommended operating environment0~40°C,<85% RH0~40°C,<85% RH0~40°C,<85% RH
International standard complianceCE,FCC,RoHSCE,FCC,RoHSCE,FCC,RoHS




Servo Electric Cylinder Catalog

Date 2022-08-13


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