MCE Series

Mini electric cylinder

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MCE Series

The MCE series is a miniature electric table type cylinder independently developed and manufactured by DH-Robotics,with high energy density, heavy load capacity, and compact design. It can be applied to various application scenarios to complete complex tasks, such as pick and place, arrangement, and handling.

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Product Features

High energy density, High load

MCE series electric cylinder provides big thrust force which reach 100 N and 200 N. The max load of MCE series cylinder could reach 12kg.

Adjustable parameters and comprehensive functions

The thrust force, position, and speed parameters are adjustable to meet the basic functions of pushing, pulling, pressing, and positioning at high speeds. It can also be used with jigs or related mechanisms to complete complex tasks such as picking and placing, arranging, and transporting, with stable and excellent performance.

Compact design, small size and space saving

The controller is built-in and can be directly connected to the PLC. The structure is compact, and the width of the body is only 35mm. It supports multi-sided installation and can be deployed in small spaces simply and quickly.

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Product Parameters

Total stroke30,50mm75,150mm
Rated thrust200N100N50N30N200N100N50N30N170N85N
Min. thrust60N30N15N9N60N30N15N9N51N25.5N
Max. speed50mm/s100mm/s200mm/s300mm/s50mm/s100mm/s200mm/s300mm/s250mm/s500mm/s
Max. acceleration2000mm/s²3000mm/s²3000mm/s²3000mm/s²2000mm/s²3000mm/s²3000mm/s²3000mm/s²2000mm/s²3000mm/s²
Max. weight capacity - horizontal8kg6kg3kg2kg8kg6kg3kg2kg15kg15kg
Max. weight capacity - vertical2kg1.5kg0.75kg0.5kg2kg1.5kg0.75kg0.5kg6kg3kg
Positioning repeatability ±0.02mm
±0.003mm(Custom grinding screw rod)
±0.003mm(Custom grinding screw rod)
±0.003mm(Custom grinding screw rod)
Idle stroke <0.1mm<0.1mm<0.1mm
Weigh0.47kg(stroke 30mm)
0.55kg(stroke 50mm)
0.62kg(stroke 30mm)
0.7kg(stroke 50mm)
1.4kg (stroke 75mm)
1.6kg (stroke 150mm)
Communication interface Built-in: 485+4-way I/O(NPN)
External: Depending on the selected controller
Built-in: 485+4-way I/O(NPN)
External: Depending on the selected controller
External: Depending on the selected controller
Rated voltage24 V DC ±10%24 V DC ±10%24 V DC ±10%
Current1.5A(Pated)/3A(Peak) 1.5A(Pated)/3A(Peak) 2.5A(Pated)/7A(Peak)
Allowable load moment Mx9.9N·m9.9N·m18.8N·m
Allowable load moment My9.9N·m9.9N·m18.8N·m
Allowable load moment Mz3.3N·m12.2N·m30.5N·m
IP ratingIP40IP40IP40
Recommended operating environment0~40°C,<85% RH0~40°C,<85% RH0~40°C,<85% RH
International standard complianceCE,FCC,RoHSCE,FCC,RoHSCE,FCC,RoHS


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