By installing the CRX plug-in, the gripper are connected to the front interface of the robot, allowing for plug-and-play functionality and direct programming and control of the gripper at the demonstrator.


Adaptable Products

PGE Series

Industrial Slim-type Electric Parallel Gripper

Gripping force: 0.8-100N Stroke: 0-26mm Recommednded Load: 0-2kg
  • Small size | Flexible installation
  • High Working Speed
  • Precise Force Control
The PGE series is an industrial slim-type electric parallel gripper. With its precise force control, compact size and highly working speed, it has become a "Hot sell product" in the field of industrial electric gripper.

PGI Series

Industrial Electric Parallel Gripper

Gripping force: 40-140N Stroke: 0-80mm Recommednded Load: 0-3kg
  • Long Stroke
  • High Protection Level
  • High load
Based on the industrial requirements of "long stroke, high load, and high protection level", DH-Robotics independently developed the PGI series of industrial electric parallel gripper. The PGI series is widely used in various industrial scenarios with positive feedback.

AG Series

Linkage-type Adaptive Electric Gripper

Gripping force: 10-160N Stroke: 0-145mm Recommednded Load: 0-3kg
  • Envelope adaptive capture
  • Plug & Play
  • Long Stroke
The AG series is a linkage-type adaptive electric gripper which is independently developed by DH-Robotics. With Plug& Play software many and exquisite structural design , AG series is a perfect solution to be applied with collabrative robots to grip work-pieces with different shapes in different industries.

PGC Series

Collaborative Electric Parallel Gripper

Gripping force: 15-300N Stroke: 0-60mm Recommednded Load: 0-6kg
  • High protection level
  • Plug & Play
  • High load
DH-Robotics PGC series of collaborative parallel electric grippers is an electric gripper mainly used in cooperative manipulators. It has the advantages of high protection level, plug and play, large load and so on. The PGC series combines precision force control and industrial aesthetics. In 2021, it won two industrial design awards, the Red Dot Award and the IF Award.

CG Series

Centric Electric Gripper

Gripping force: 3-100N Stroke: 0-26mm Recommednded Load: 0.1-1.5kg
  • High performance
  • Long Lifetime
  • Overload protection
The CG series three-finger centric electric gripper independently developed by DH-Robotics is a great soultion to grip cylindrical workpiece. The CG series is available in a variety of models for a variety of scenarios, stroke and end devices.

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