DH-Robotics’ Voice Coil Actuator Released, Facilitating Precision Manufacturing

According to the International Semiconductor Industry Association SEMI’s Mid-year Total Semiconductor Equipment Forecast Report, total global sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment by original equipment manufacturers are expected to reach a record $117.5 billion in 2022, up 14.7% year-over-year.

In recent years, the 3C industry consumption upgrade, the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, the global wafer fabs continue to expand, the demand is particularly strong in mainland China. It is worth noting that the vast majority of domestic packaging production equipment is often dependent on imports, and as a key component of semiconductor equipment – components is the most missing part of the domestic, its localization penetration rate is low, the domestic replacement space is huge.

DH-Robotics as a company focusing on providing precision core motion control components, in response to the development pain points and market demand of high-end precision manufacturing, has relaunched the voice coil actuator series, which are VLA series voice coil linear actuator and VLAR series voice coil linear rotary actuator, becoming the first local company in the industry to achieve stable mass production.

In addition, with its rich product line, DH-Robotics fills the gap in the domestic voice coil actuator market and realizes local production, which can effectively reduce cost and increase efficiency for enterprises while widening the product application boundary.

DH-Robotics’ voice coil actuator is a direct-drive motor with highly integrated module design, which has the advantages of small size, high precision, fast response, precision force control and long life, etc. Meanwhile, the force output of the voice coil motor can be controlled more accurately through calibration, and with the high precision encoder, the position information can be read back directly, so the system can be greatly streamlined and the equipment standardized.
At present, DH-Robotics’ voice coil have been landed and applied to typical application scenarios such as high-speed pick and place, lamination and assembly, positioning test on precision production lines, covering 3C electronics, semiconductor, new energy, packaging and many other fields.

Product Advantages
1.High precison, soft landing, meeting the high force control precision production assembly needs

In high-precision positioning assembly, inspection and other precision scenarios, the flexible gripping and rapid pick and place of fine workpieces are often very demanding. DH-Robotics voice coil actuator adopts self-researched direct-drive force feedback technology and precision control technology, whose repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±2μm, rotating position resolution 0.005°, and achieve intelligent soft landing with ±3g force control accuracy, soft contact with the workpiece, realizing zero breakage of precision fragile parts.

2.Compact, thin and light, allowing for a matrix of products to be installed side-by-side

VLA series products are as small as 80x55x16mm, such as the size of a portable handkerchief paper, the width of which is as thin as 16mm, allowing two or more voice coil products to be installed side-by-side, easily adapting to the use of narrow space requirements in automated equipment, while supporting a variety of installation methods, flexible response to the complex installation environment of various real applications.

3.Multi-way motion, adjustable parameters, can rapid deployment of various applications

The VLAR series has an integrated “vacuum + Z-axis up and down + R-axis rotation” structure design, which can provide accurate Z-axis linear & rotational motion at high speed, saving space and cost for customers, and achieving simplicity, standardization and light weight of equipment. In addition, the voice coil actuator can be adjusted by the control software for speed, thrust and position parameters to set different working modes, fully satisfying industrial scenarios with high frequency and high precision requirements.


Product Parameter
*For specific product selection and related information, please consult with DH-Robotics technical sales, and confirm the application and process.

DH-Robotics has launched VLA series and VLAR series voice coil actuators in two verisons: grating and magnetic grating. Upon request, we can also customize precision motion solutions for your application.

·3C Electronics Industry
In the factory inspection process of electronic products, sensitivity and fatigue testing of mobile phone/keyboard keys, screen testing, power switch feel, touch panel pressure detection, etc. is an essential part, which requires continuous output of constant force for repeated contact testing; and the high precision, high speed and high frequency characteristics of DH-Robotics’ voice coil actuators are very suitable for such testing and can effectively improve the testing efficiency.

·Semiconductor Industry
In chip packaging process, due to the fragile propertyof chip PIN which is fragile and easily scratched, it greatly limits the process regulation of vacuum pickup and placement operation, etc. DH-Robotics’ voice coil actuator can realize integrated ZR operation and realize intelligent soft landing on the basis of precision force control without causing damage to the workpiece.

·Lithium Industry
In the lithium battery production process, the DH-Robotics’ voice coil actuator is programmed to set the corresponding thrust force and speed, and then flexibly push and press the battery pack for assembly and cell height detection, while the high frequency, high stability and long life of the voice coil actuator can meet the requirements of the long operation of the production line.

Next, DH-Robotics will launch more models of voice coil actuator product series to meet te production needs of more high-end precision manufacturing industries.

About DH-Robotics
DH-Robotics is a high-tech company with focus on providing core components for industrial intelligent manufacturing scenarios. Based on the self-developed precision force control direct drive technology, we provide customers in various industries around the world with diversified electric grippers and precision motion products to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and achieve intelligent manufacturing.

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