DH Robotics adopts an innovative integrated design to develop adaptive robotic grippers capable of altering finger configurations and gripping modes. 
Traditional mechanical grippers are generally used in structural scenes for gripping objects with the same types and shapes. AG-95 series and DH-3 grippers are designed for multi-purpose gripping applications and can pick objects of different sizes and shapes without changing the end-of-arm tools. DH gripper products improve the gripping and manipulating capability of robots used in different scenarios such as electronics, automobile, logistics, medical instruments, service robots, etc. DH grippers are compatible with collaborative robots as well as industrial robots, being more convenient and versatile compared with traditional gripping solutions.
  Large stroke  
Adapt to multiple-size objects
      •Full stroke reach 95 mm
      •Repeatability can reach 0.05mm
No need to change grippers for multiple-size objects, fit in different scenarios.
  Precise Force Control  
Adapt to soft or firm objects  
     •Max Force can reach 95N
     •Precise froce control
Comparing to pneumatic grippers, our products have force control to grasp objects with different stiffness.
  Adaptive Grasping  
Multiple grasping modes
      •Switch between parallel and encompassing grasping.
Provide different grasping modes for different-shape objects.
  Integrated Design  
Compact integration
      •Integrated design including actuator, transmission system and driver
The compact design is space efficient and reduces assembly requests
Safe and stable   
      •Hold object even without power
      •Low power consumption
High grasping stability, long operating life, industrial protection grade   
 Seamless integrate and extend 
Easy to use and program  
      •Support TCP/IP , USB 2.0 , RS485, I/O,CAN2.0A,EtherCAT and other mainstream protocols
Seamless integration with industrial robots
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