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DH-Robotics, founded in 2016, is led by PhDs with years of experience in robotics research and development. Our core members graduated from top-universities in the world and had participated in multiple domestic and international research projects in robotics, which gave us a frontier understanding in robotic technologies and state-of-the-art.
The team of DH-Robotics develops both hardware and software of industrial robotic grippers, dexterous robotic hands and arms, variable stiffness actuators, tactile sensors, etc. We also deliver intelligent recognition and grasping solutions for manufacturing, logistics, service robots, educational robots, etc. At the moment, we are integrating our strong research and development capability with the complete industry chain in Shenzhen, synthesizing the new technologies in robotics and the market demands, focusing on the development of the cutting-edge intelligent grasping technology.
We believe the easy and firm grasping technologies will empower robots with stronger executive capability, accelerate robots to adapt to more application scenarios and bring more possibilities in life and industry.
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Sales contact+86 13661608229
E-mail:   info@dh-robotics.com
Address:A401-402, Industrialization building, Virtual                            University Park, Yuexing 3rd Road, Nanshan,                            Shenzhen, China, 501857
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